Virtual training offers freedom and flexibility not found in an in person class.   Work on what your dog needs  right now, start when you’re ready, and progress at the best pace for you and your dog. 

Shark School $75

Worried your puppy is aggressive or might become so because of all the biting?   Does it seem like you are spending all your time protecting your kids and yourself from those super sharp puppy teeth?   Let us help, our decades of experience raising puppies means we are truly the puppy biting experts!    Shark School will help you get a handle on puppy biting today, and teach your puppy good mouth manners that will last a lifetime. 

New Puppy Owners

Raising a puppy can be so frustrating, especially when the expectation of a cuddle sweet puppy clashes with the reality of a tiny, furry, shark with legs that is your actual puppy.   Shark School will help, start today and see less biting tomorrow, and teach good mouth manners to last a lifetime 

Breeders & Fosters

 Do your puppy families struggle with puppy biting?   Did you know that with a few easy tweaks in your puppy raising you can send puppies home exhibiting less puppy biting behaviors?    Shark School for Breeders & Fosters can teach you how!     

Free, yes..really!

On a tight budget?  We get that & help is on the way!  

Podcast: It’s time to rethink puppy biting.