Virtual training offers freedom and flexibility not found in an in person class.   Work on what your dog needs  right now, start when you’re ready, and progress at the best pace for you and your dog. 

Our first course is still our most popular! 

Poop School

Poop School Litter Box Training for Breeders and Fosters will end the days of poop smeared puppies forever.  Learn step by step how to litter box train your litters while instilling clean habits, and building house training foundations, from the very beginning.  

New Puppy Owners

Want to get house training right….the first time round?   Or maybe the pee train has already gone off the tracks?   Poop School House Training is the complete, step by step, foolproof protocol you have been looking for.   Teach your puppy solid potty skills that meet your particular needs and that of your puppy, in an easy to follow, detailed, program.

Breeders & Fosters

 Save yourself a LOT  of  stress, teach your litters cleanliness habits that will reduce clean up time, puppy washing time, laundry loads,  pathogen transmission, and set house training off to a solid start.  Our litter box training protocol has been used on hundred of litters, from the shelter, to the show breeder’s home, with predictable results.

Free, yes..really!

On a tight budget?  We get that…… & help is on the way!  

For the new puppy owner:

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