Virtual training offers freedom and flexibility not found in an in person class.   Work on what your dog needs  right now, start when you’re ready, and progress at the best pace for you and your dog. 

Crate School

When we first published our blog Crate Conditioning For Puppies: An Incremental Approach we were surprised by just how enthusiastically it was received.   There was such a huge need for good crate training help for both breeders and new puppy owners that we developed a step by step course to help both breeders and new puppy owners crate train puppies in the most practical, efficient, and  confidence building  way. 

New Puppy Owners

Daunted by the idea of crate training your new puppy?   Not sure how to teach your puppy to be calm and confident when confined?   Confident Crating is the course for you!   Confident Crating breaks the crate training process down into small, manageable, steps that work for puppies of all breeds, sizes, and ages. 

Breeders & Fosters

 Send your puppies to their new homes already loving the crate, feeling confident when confined, and miles ahead in the crate training process by implementing our incremental crate conditioning plan for litters.   Crate School has everything you need to start the crate training process and help your puppy families continue your hard work.    

Free, yes..really!

On a tight budget?  We get that & help is on the way!  For the new puppy owner

For Breeders & Fosters the blog that started it all: