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8 lessons


Short Course covering both submissive and excitement urination in webinar format with additional information in written and graphic formats.

Premium course

17 lessons

Takes a little effort

Don’t let fear of “Littermate Syndrome” paralyze you! Follow our sibling puppy raising plan to ensure your littermates grow into well adjusted dogs. Expert designed, and used to raise multiple sets of siblings, this course is a collaboration between Clickety Split Dog Training and Austerlitz German Shepherds.

Premium course

17 lessons

Takes a little effort, and beginner skills.

Did you bring home a puppy, or a shark? New puppy owners are often shocked at just how mouthy, bitey, and seemingly “aggressive” their puppy can be. Biting, mouthing, chasing and grabbing are all normal puppy behaviors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t teach our puppy basic mouth manners starting from day 1. Follow our step by step instructions, photos, videos, and trouble shooting course to help turn your little shark back into a puppy. As always, course is written, designed, and used by the puppy raising experts at Clickety Split and Austerlitz German Shepherds.