Poop School: House Training Basics

Starts at $25

Poop School: House Training Basics

Poop School is an e-learning class devoted entirely to house training.   If you have a new puppy, newly adopted dog, or even a dog who isn’t well house training this self paced course is for you.

Getting a new dog soon?  Take this course before your new dog comes home, so you will be fully prepared!

To learn more about why we’re so passionate about poop, check out our blog on the subject.

Course Fee: $25 (New puppy owner: House Training Course)
Course Fee: $50 (Foster or Breeder: Litter Box Training Course)

Course materials are presented in written, photographic, PowerPoint, and spoken video format.   Regularly scheduled Live Q and A are also available.

At this time Poop School is offered exclusively via a Facebook Group (Teachable housed class available summer 2019) and you must have access to Facebook and it’s groups in order to take this course.

Topics Included: House Training Course

  • Preventing accidents through the use of management and scheduling techniques.
  • Teaching puppies how to “ask out” when they need to potty.
  • Teaching puppies how to quickly find and run to the designated potty area.
  • Teaching puppies it’s good to potty in front of humans.
  • Teaching puppies to potty on leash (very important for show, sport, or dogs who travel with their owner for recreation)
  • Teaching puppies to potty on cue (very important for show, sport, and traveling puppies).
  • Teaching puppies it’s good to potty on wet grass, cement, gravel, and other surfaces (very important for show, sport, and traveling dogs),
  • How to prevent common causes of house soiling in adult dogs.
  • How to use positive reinforcement as part of a well designed house training plan.
  • Are you a foster or breeder caring for litters of puppies?  If so contact us for detailed information on the litter box training course for litters of puppies!

Class Features:

  • Exclusive Student Only Facebook Group Membership for 1 month.
  • Exclusive Student Only Messenger Chat for real time support.
  • Extensive course materials arranged into Learning Units.

Contact us to enroll in Poop School!

“I so appreciated being able to work with you privately, we were having so many problems with Duke and felt unequal to controlling him, so the thought of trying to work with him in a group class really scared my husband and myself.   But after our first lesson with you we both felt we understood Duke better and you gave us things to do right away to help us feel more confident controlling him.    I never felt unequal to being his fur parent again, and I rediscovered how smart he really is.   Not only is his behavior much improved but WE are much improved.   I was never so proud of us as when Duke graduated from Foundations 2 and earned his Canine Good Citizen.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement”.      

Martha and William (and of course Duke)