Behavior Modification

starts at $50

Troublesome behavior is just that, troublesome, it can be discouraging, upsetting, and sometimes scary, when a pet’s behavior seems out of control.   Our custom behavior modification plan can help you regain control of what seems like an out of control situation.

Your journey to better behavior starts with a behavior consultation, followed by a series of private sessions to implement your custom behavior modification plan.

Step 1.  Schedule a Behavior Consultation ($75 per 90 minutes, at our location or $125 per 90 minutes at your home in the Tulsa metro) The behavior consultation allows us to collect a complete history of your pet, and the behavior you are struggling with, so we can develop a custom behavior modification plan based on well defined goals

You consultation will include:

  1. Identify the undesired behavior.
  2. Identify motivators and rewards.
  3. Address prognosis for improvement
  4. Identify your goals for your dogs behavior.
  5. Develop a plan for reducing or removing the undesired behavior.

Step 2.  Select a behavior modification package that best suits the goals defined during the behavior consultation.  At your behavior consultation a package recommendation will be made.  Package sessions may be done at our Dogville location (Sunday only) or at your home (Saturday only).   Typically sessions held every other week.

Dogville Package Pricing (2 session minimum):

  • 2 Sessions: $175
  • 3 Sessions: $250
  • 4 Sessions: $300
  • 5 Sessions: $350
  • 6 Sessions: $400

In Home Package Pricing (4 session minimum):

  • 4 Sessions: $425
  • 5 Sessions: $500
  • 6 Sessions: $575

Step 3:  Enjoy better behavior!

Behavior modification sessions require instructor permission to schedule and enroll, so please send an email to Susanne to enroll.

For simple troublesome behaviors a phone consultation may be a cost saving option.  Phone consultations are also available as a follow up option to all behavior modification cases at $50 per hour consultation.

To schedule a phone consultation, please send an email to Susanne.

“Susanne, I just wanted to let you know it’s been exactly one year today since Eva bite my son.   That day marks the end of the “dark times” because we contacted you right after and that was the best thing we ever did.  Eva hasn’t bitten anyone since, which is pretty good when you consider she was having aggressive outbursts every day before that.   She’s happy now, and we are happy with her.  Thank you from all of us and one happy Golden.  You do good work.”

Linda and Eva

“Seriously Susanne, this is the first time I haven’t be afraid of my dog in the longest time, you gave me my best friend back.  I can never thank you enough”

Devon and Scoots