Beginner Manners


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Our Beginner Manners class focuses on the everyday life skills dogs needs to be enjoyable companions. More than just rote drilling of obedience commands, Beginner Manners breaks out of the obedience ring and into the real world.

Who is this class for?  Dogs over 6 months (for puppies under 6 months please visit our Best Puppy class).

What will my dog and I learn?  Beginner Manners focuses on the following Real Life Core Skills: Attentiveness and Come when Called, Self Control/Leave it, Sit and Polite Greeting, Polite Leash Manners, Down and Settle Down.

When can I start? Anytime, just send us an email and let us know the date you would like to attend Orientation.  Beginner Manners is Open Enrollment, sign up today and start this week!   *Dogs must have been in your home 14 days before your dog’s first class, or seven days before your Orientation class, be fully vaccinated, and comfortable working in a group class setting.

How does Open Enrollment Work? Beginner Manners is an ongoing class, Open Enrollment allows you to start at any time.  No more waiting for the next class to start!   Beginner Manners includes 6 weekly lessons, you will have 8 weeks from your Lesson 1: Orientation date to complete all 6 classes, this means you can start when it’s convenient, and “skip” up to 2 classes without “loosing” a class or being required to schedule an invonvient make up.  6 classes, 8 weeks to complete, easy peasy!

What does it cost?  $100 for 6 weekly group lessons.

What Day/Time:  Sunday at 1:00 or Thursdays at 7:30

Where is class held? 

Dogville Daycare (tan building to the east of the bright blue Dogville Boarding building) 9525 E 47th Place, Tulsa Ok 74145

How do I enroll?

 Send us an email with the date you would like to attend Lesson 1 Orientation and we’ll have all your class materials and enrollment form ready!

Shadow and Zap practice their Settle Down.

LOL, that Settle Down we learned in week 3 changed my life.


Kaitlin and Harry Pupper.