“Be Nice” easy mouth skills for puppies.

Puppy biting, does anyone escape the painful bite of that adorable little being you’ve brought home?   If the number of questions, comments and frustrations vented on social media are any indication, puppy biting is a source of never ending concern for anyone sharing their life with those adorable tooth holders we call puppies. While […]

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Am I ready for a puppy?

Ever watch a dog show and marvel at all the beautiful breeds?   Does the sight of a German Shepherd working as a police dog, or a Labrador doing detection work make you long for a dog like that?   But how do you know if a breed is a good fit for your actual […]

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Back to school shopping!

I remember loving back to school shopping when I was a kid!  Getting all those supplies was fun, and more importantly, those supplies set me up for success when classes started. Your dog’s training supplies have the same purpose, to set your dog up for success in the learning environment, it doesn’t matter if that […]

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